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The Fire Behavior Field Reference Guide (FBFRG) is maintained as a hands-on user guide for field going Fire Behavior Analysts (FBANs) and Long Term Fire Analysts (LTANs) along with various operation personnel.  It also serves fire behavior training as an important learning reference.

The guide contains helpful references to the factors from the fire triangle (fuels, weather, topography), including features that are vital to field going fire managers.  It also provides detail about the fire behavior models and tools used to estimate fire ignition, spread/size, fireline intensity, and crown fire potential. The reference material contained within the guide will assist with decision support using various tools and methodologies.  As new and improved safety zone research is obtained and available for distribution this guide will be updated to help house that information for the field communities.

 As science and applications continued to increase within the fire behavior curriculum, the FBFRG was developed to help students learn fire behavior assessment and trainees retain the user skills needed in the field to successfully conduct fire behavior assessments.  It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Fireline Handbook Appendix B Fire Behavior, PMS 410-2 (http://www.nwcg.gov/pms/pubs/410-2/appendixB.pdf).

It is the intention of the Fire Behavior Subcommittee to update the guide as necessary with the most recent science, and technologies for field use to help improve and assist with decision support, fire line safety and fire behavior interpretation.

YouTube videos will be uploaded periodically to provide additional supporting documentation for information found within this guide.  These videos maybe found at: www.youtube.com/user/FireBehaviorSC