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Robert Ziel compiled the 2014 version of this guide and has been responsible for producing this latest 2017 edit as well.

Important contributions have been made by cadre members of S491 (Intermediate NFDRS), S495 (Geospatial Fire Analysis, Interpretation, and Application) and S590 (Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation). Included among them are Rick Stratton, Brent Wachter, Tonja Opperman, LaWen Hollingsworth, Jennifer Anderson, Joe Scott, Chuck Maxwell, Laurie Kurth, Chuck McHugh, Mary Taber, Ross Wilmore, Matt Jolly, and Faith Ann Heinsch. There are many more not mentioned here who have influenced the content found here.

In addition, current and past members of the Fire Behavior Subcommittee were instrumental in the coordination and review of these reference materials. Those individuals include Don Boursier, Kyle Cannon, Tony Harwood, Dan Jimenez, John Kern, Jason Loomis, Risa Lange-Navarro, Sandra “Punky” Moore, Rick Mowery, Tami Parkinson, Larry Van Bussum, and John Saltenberger.